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November 30, 2023
@ 3:00 pm ET
Middle School/High School
Pearl Harbor
Westin Saito

A brief introduction of the events of December 7th, 1941, these events would thrust the United States into what we now know as the Second World War.  Learn the facts that you wont hear about in your history books. Westin Saito is an Educator with Pacific Historic Parks Pearl Harbor National Memorial site, home of the USS Arizona Memorial.  Born and raised at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, the men and women of the Greatest Generation taught Westin the values of cooperation, virtue, and honor.  Igniting his passion in history he studied and graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  He has over 12 years of experience working with educating Veteran groups, students, educators, and professional athletes from every corner of the world to understand the impacts of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

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