The process of entertaining and/or inspiring people at the same time as you are teaching them something from a primary source through video conferencing technology. I prefer to use Zoom as it is compatible with any device as well as browser, and is very easy for guest speakers to connect regardless of tech ability.

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As technology makes the world smaller and more intimate, we must take advantage and reach out to the people whose voices can make a difference.

Then, with the help of technology, we can connect the dreams and ideals of the next generation. Everyday reaching for new students from countries round the world, hungry for authentic heroes and possible futures.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together
Vincent Van Gogh


My name is Ralph Krauss and I have been an educator in southern Nevada since 2005. I have my Bachelors in Communications from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and my Masters in Education from Sierra Nevada College. I am passionate about connecting students with primary sources of education through the use of technology. These initiatives combine education and entertainment. Thank you for stopping by Edutainment Learning!

Students from around the world have connected to learn from these people through video conferencing technology.

  • Molodi Dance performance
  • Daniel Platzman (drummer for Imagine Dragons) 2 campuses
  • Comedian Rob Schneider 2 campuses
  • AR WorldWide President and founder Sat Bisla 2 classes
  • 9/11 WTC survivor Michelle Rosado 2 campuses
  • 9/11 WTC survivor Artie Van Why
  • Composer Boris Brott
  • All star pitcher and gold medal winner Jim Abbott
  • 9/11 WTC survivor Brian Branco

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For information about participating as a guest speaker or having your class participate, please email Ralph Krauss