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October 26, 2023
@ 1:00 pm ET
Middle School/High School
The Dangers of Socialism
Mailyn Salabarria

Mailyn Salabarria: born in Cuba and made in the USA.

For the last fifteen years, Mailyn has been a relentless advocate of individual natural rights, small government and not taking our freedom for granted. She is passionate about education and a staunch defender of parental rights. 

Mailyn has lived in the United States since 2001. She has a Law Degree from Havana University and an MS in Mass Communication and Journalism from Florida International University. She has worked as a professional interpreter and translator, has been a small business owner, and is a graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies. Currently, she is the Director of Community Engagement for Parents Defending Education and a Senior Fellow with PDE Action.

Her motto is freedom versus force. She is a mother of two.

This event is brought to the students in part by, The Dissident Project. Their mission is to connect those with firsthand insights into authoritarianism with student audiences. 

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