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February 14, 2024
@ 3:00 pm ET
Living and working in Antarctica!
Sylvester Oliver

Sylvester Oliver(Sly), lives and works in one of the most fascinating places on Earth - McMurdo Base in Antarctica. Imagine a world of ice and snow, where penguins are your neighbors and every day is an adventure! Sly is not just anyone; he's a Journeyman, which means he's really skilled in his job. He's a Universal Heavy Equipment Operator and Rigger. This is a skilled trade that has a number of responsibilities such as universal heavy equipment operator: bulldozers, cranes, and tractors. These are the machines that help build and maintain the base in the tough Antarctic conditions. In his role, healso does rigging. This part of his job is like being a problem-solver. Sly sets up and repairs the equipment, making sure everything is safe and ready to go. It's like playing a giant puzzle, but with really important pieces!

Living in Antarctica is not like living anywhere else. It's super cold, and the sun behaves differently, sometimes staying up all day and night! Sly has to be prepared for anything, from blizzards to icy winds. But it's also beautiful, with amazing sights like icebergs and the Southern Lights. Sly's job is super important because he helps scientists do their research in Antarctica. Without him and his skills, it would be really hard for them to study this unique place.

So come join us as we connect with Sly all the way from Antarctica!

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