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April 29, 2024
@ 2:00 pm ET
Careers in Audio Production
Josh Rogosin

Josh Rogosin, a distinguished audio engineer was formerly an audio engineer at NPR,  Josh brings a wealth of experience and an impressive portfolio to Edutainment Learning. With a career that began in 1999, Rogosin's journey in the world of audio engineering has been nothing short of remarkable. His initial steps into NPR, on his way to mix live shows at The Shakespeare Theatre in downtown D.C., marked the start of a journey filled with innovation, creativity, and mastery in sound engineering. Rogosin's contributions to NPR have been pivotal. As the Technical Director for NPR Music, he has been instrumental in recording and mixing over 800 Tiny Desk Concerts, in addition to mastering over 300 Tiny Desk (Home) concerts. These performances have not only showcased his technical prowess but also his ability to capture the essence of live music, making it accessible and enjoyable to a global audience. His work has extended beyond the Tiny Desk series, having gathered sound in diverse locations such as Togo, Benin, Cambodia, and Greece, further highlighting his versatility and commitment to bringing rich auditory experiences to listeners. Beyond his technical achievements, Rogosin has made significant contributions to the podcasting world. He sound designed "No Compromise," a podcast that earned the prestigious Peabody Award, and contributed to "Taking Cover," a podcast currently nominated for the DuPont Award. These projects underscore his ability to enhance storytelling through sound, creating immersive and impactful listening experiences. Rogosin's previous appearance on Edutainment Learning was met with widespread acclaim, showcasing his expertise and passion for audio engineering to an eager and appreciative audience. His educational background from the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College has laid a strong foundation for his career, enabling him to excel in various roles across NPR, including serving as Senior Broadcast Engineer for New York Public Radio and Studio 360, and as an originating producer and sound designer for NPR's "Ask Me Another." His tenure at NPR has seen him at the controls for all of NPR's flagship newsmagazines, a testament to his skill and dedication to quality audio production. Rogosin's journey from engineering at NPR West and NPR NY to spending two years as Technical Director at Marketplace Productions in Los Angeles reflects a career characterized by growth, innovation, and a deep commitment to audio excellence. As we welcome Josh Rogosin back to Edutainment Learning, we anticipate another enlightening and inspiring session, drawing from his vast experience and unique insights into the world of audio engineering and sound design.

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