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January 10, 2023
@ 1:00 pm ET
Dr. JJ Kavelaars

Dr. JJ Kavelaars is a Canadian astronomer who was part of a team that discovered several moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.[2] He is also a discoverer of minor planets and an investigator on the extended New Horizons mission, having aided in the discovery of 486958 Arrokoth. The asteroid 154660 Kavelaars was named in his honor on 1 June 2007 by his colleague David D. Balam.[2] In 2022 Kavelaars was awarded the Canadian Astronomical Society Dunlap Award for Innovation in Astronomical Instrumentation and Software. This award recognized Kavelaars' contributions to the development and leadership of the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre, in particular the development of cloud-based astronomical data analysis using the CANFAR Science Platform. In 2022 Kavelaars was awarded the National Research Council Dan Wayner award for outstanding achievement in Science and Technology. This award was presented in recognition of Kavelaars' co-discovery of 486958 Arrokoth and contributions to the NASA's New Horizons encounter with that objet.

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