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January 11, 2023
@ 2:00 pm ET
Dr. Du Hua

Dr. Du Hua escaped the Communism of Vietnam in June of 1981 after many attempts. He found freedom in the United States of America in September of 1982. Utilizing the freedom and opportunities of this great nation, he was able to go back to school. He started to learn English as a second language in multiple churches. He then finished his General Education and Development (GED) program, which was the first stepping-stone for him to move forward. He went on to obtain the Associate of Applied Science in Data Processing with high honor in Houston Community College in 1986. He was grateful for his new country; thus, he joined the United States Navy in September 1987. He had served multiple deployments with his Squadron VFA-86 on the United States Ship America (CV-66). Mr. Du Hua got injured in the line of duty and he was honorably discharged from the US Navy in April 30, 1993. He then had to return to college. He obtained a degree in the Associate in Arts with high honor in the Florida Community College of Jacksonville. He went on to apply and get accepted into the college of pharmacy at Nova Southeastern University. He graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy in May of 2001. He also got certified in Nuclear Pharmacy at Purdue University in September of 2001. Doctor Hua now lives in the Fort Lauderdale area with his family.

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