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April 18, 2023
@ 1:00 pm ET
Careers in Business
Diane Scavuzzo

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, cofounder Diane Scavuzzo is in charge of everything that takes place outside the pitch. Diane is an experienced PR and Marketing expert who is also the Founder and CEO of the acclaimed SoccerToday – Voice of American Soccer. Having published thousands of stories on the youth soccer scene in the United States, Diane came to the realization that many talented American players’ are hindered by their geography and that there was a real need for authentic training with professional soccer clubs in Europe. She and Eddie created International Soccer Academy to provide a pro residency academy for elite players to live and breathe soccer while being fully immersed in the highest level of training abroad to prepare for the next step of their careers. Diane is committed to making sure the environment maximizes each player’s potential and enables them to embrace their opportunities. This event is presented in collaboration with Bizworld's Meet the Founder Speaker Series. 

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