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March 19, 2024
@ 12:00 pm ET
Middle School/High School
Persevering through Adversity
Colonel Edward Hubbard

Author, artist, and internationally known speaker, is dedicated to helping others overcome any obstacle, handle any ordeal, and reach any goal by developing the correct state of mind. Building upon his adverse experiences during more than six and a half years of captivity in North Vietnam, Ed conveys a positive message for personal growth. After hearing his presentation, you will feel good about your country, yourself, and your own ability. A product of the Midwest, Ed spent his childhood in the Kansas City area. At age seventeen, he joined the Air Force Reserve and in 1962, entered active duty where he received his navigator wings and commission through the Aviation Cadet program. Ed culminated a twenty-eight-year, active duty, military career in August, 1990, of which almost 25% (six years, seven months, and 12 days) were spent as a prisoner of war. It was an experience that truly changed his life, and as a result, the lives of countless others. Following his release from prison in 1973, Ed completed five college degrees in seven years, in his spare time and at night. In 1976, his concept-after only eight days of implementation -increased the productivity of a $350 million resource by 50%. He later inherited an organization designated "...the worst managed..." among fifty-eight units by an Air Force audit. Within four month, he turned the unit around and demonstrated statistically significant improvement in 96% of the audited areas. During ten years as head of the largest safety organization in the Air Force, they shattered all records. The unit achieved 30% to 70% improvements in all categories, where a 3% improvement had long been the norm. His organization was recognized as "best in the Air Force" for ten consecutive years, and a previously accepted, multi-million dollar loss rate per year was reduced to lee than fifty-thousand dollars per year. In 1985, Ed began motivational speaking. Following his Air Force retirement in 1990, Ed formed Positive Vectors, Inc. in order to share the lessons he learned during captivity and authenticated by his Air Force results. Since, he has spoken to thousands of members of corporate America, government agencies, and non-profit groups. Ed's desire to change the attitudes of individuals through a better understanding of true, human potential remains his number one goal in life. Today, Ed is an acknowledged motivational speaker, management consultant, artist, and author. His book, "Escape from the box: The wonder of Human Potential" was published in January, 1994.

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