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January 28, 2024
@ 12:00 pm ET
Middle School/High School
Coffee with a Survivor: Ben Lesser
Ben Lesser

Join us for a profoundly moving and educational experience as the Zachor Foundation presents "Virtual Coffee with Holocaust Survivor Ben Lesser" in commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day. This online event promises a rare opportunity to hear directly from Ben Lesser, a survivor of one of history's darkest chapters.

Ben Lesser's story is not just one of survival, but also of resilience and hope. Through his personal account, participants will gain invaluable insights into the realities of the Holocaust, an event that reshaped the course of history and continues to hold profound lessons for humanity. His first-hand experiences will bring history to life, providing a deeper understanding of the suffering, courage, and endurance of those who lived through this tragic period.

A key highlight of the event is an interactive Q&A session, where attendees will have the unique chance to engage directly with Mr. Lesser. This segment promises to be an engaging and thoughtful exchange, offering participants the opportunity to ask questions and delve deeper into his experiences and perspectives.

This virtual event is not just a history lesson; it's an invitation to connect with the past in a personal and meaningful way. Whether you're a student, educator, history enthusiast, or simply someone who values the lessons of history, this event is an unmissable opportunity to honor the memory of those lost and learn from those who witnessed history firsthand.

Let us come together to remember, learn, and reflect. Join us in keeping the memories alive.

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For information about participating as a guest speaker or having your class participate, please email Ralph Krauss